About Me – Services

My name is  Domina V and I am the  owner and creator of Fluffy Boudoir Sissy & Crossdressing Salon. I first opened our doors in North London in 2011. In 2013 I left busy London and moved to Brighton on the south coast of England and stayed till 2015. I have now returned to Australia where I am based in Wollongong on the South coast of New South Wales.

About Me

I am a qualified Hairdresser and Makeup artist. I hold a Diploma in Makeup Artistry covering all forms of make-application from all eras to special effects, theatrical and photography. I have completed courses in Personal Development and Grooming. I simply love makeup ever since I sneakily discovered My mums AVON products and soon after watching the Rocky Horror picture show;  Magenta and her bright ruby lips, this was the beginning for Me. I left high school after year 10 and started working as an apprentice hairdresser.

Having worked in the adult industry for over 20 yrs and working as a Professional Dominatrix for the past 15 yrs (trained at Salon Kittys) has allowed me to meet men who want to explore their feminine side while in a safe and friendly environment.

I offer a wide range of services for those who identify as transgender, crossdresser, sissy, sissy maid, male or female. Whether you’re wanting to experience anything from a full transformation with a touch of Glamour, or we can experiment with new looks. I can teach you how to be more convincingly feminine, how to walk in those killer heels, help you choose your style of dress as well as help with your makeup application. I also offer a ”Ladies Day” service where you come in and get to spend half a day with Me here at Fluffy Boudoir. We can also take photos of your day (with My camera) where they will be edited and yours to keep as long as I am able to use them for My business (I’m happy to have your face covered). If you would prefer that I didn’t use your photos then I’m happy with that but you will need to pay a fee for My time and for editing, which I think is only fair.

Depending on your experience and the style of dressing you require will determine the amount of time needed for our session. Everything I offer is tailored made to your needs as everyone is different. Just select from the services below. You may be interested in a few options. Like I said, your session is tailored to your individual needs.

I recommended you book from 2 hours as 1 hour does go by really quickly.

My new location is private and ideal for you to relax and enjoy yourself while all dressed up. I also offer Maid training for those who wish to serve me as My Maid for a day, or who just want to brush up on their serving skills.

NB: I no longer offer BDSM dungeon sessions. If you are interested in kinky play then this will all be conducted in a domestic setting.



I offer a fun and relaxed cross-dressing experience to suit your individual needs. You may bring your own make up and outfits or you may use the Fluffy Boudoir wardrobe. You have the option of a full transformation or partial. This session is ideal for those who do not wish to have any kink fetish play involved. Depending how long your session is will determine how many outfits changes we will do. I can also take photos for your private collection if you like. There is no kink/fetish play involved in this session.

Sissy Maid Training

This will involve a partial makeover, getting you dressed in a maid’s uniform and comfortable shoes to wear. During this session you will be shown the correct protocols, maid duties, serving techniques, etiquette, presentation and deportment. There is No kink / fetish play involved.

Maid for a Day

This service is only for those who have passed their” Maid Training” or who have served as a maid before and do not require training or supervision. (references may be required). Your day begins at 12 pm and finishes at 5 pm (flexible times can be arranged).
You can bring your own clothes, shoes, wigs, whatever you like or if you would like to use any items from the Fluffy Boudoir wardrobe then please let me know in advance.
Upon arrival you will be shown around the various rooms. Before we start our day, we will have a little chat before I let you get ready. When you are done, I will check to see how you look before you start your duties. You may also be required to give me a lovely foot massage if you are lucky. You will be given a break in between your duties where you will serve tea /coffee or refreshment of the day and if I am happy with your cleaning then I may allow you to join me. You may also be required to help with other minor duties. Finally, before you change, your work shall be inspected thoroughly.
There is No Kink / Fetish play involved, No Training or Constant Supervision.
Usually 5 hours 

Cross Dressing and kink play in domestic Setting

This Service is ideal for those who are new to the Fetish World and who would like to try some kinky play but do not want to be in a dungeon. A bedroom & domestic setting is ideal for beginners to relax and play in a more calm and relaxed atmosphere that doesn’t involve black and red walls and chains rattling in the bag ground. There will be some light Fluffy Kinky play involved. On this day, you have a choice of a full transformation or partial.

Makeup and hair /  Wig Styling 1-on-1 Lessons

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of make-up application. I will show you all the basic techniques that you need to know to suit your individual style. During this lesson you will learn all about the correct colours and what works for your complexion and I will show you which foundation works best with your skin type.  As well as brushes and different techniques to use you will learn how to apply your own makeup.