Sissy Maid Patsy's first Visit to The Fluffy Boudoir

Sissy Maid Patsy, first Visit to The Fluffy Boudoir

Today I had a brand new visitor. Her name is Patsy, though today she was Sissy Maid Patsy. This was her very first visit to The Fluffy Boudoir and it was her very first time venturing out into the big wide world of Transformations.

Sissy Maid Patsy came in for some Maid Training which you can see in the video how well she performed. Like all newbie’s and wanna-be-Sissies she still has a lot of training to do as there are so many areas cover.

Men at Work

Men at Work

Is it the weekend already? Time flies that’s for sure…..Well I just thought I would keep you all updated and let you know that things are running smoothly here at The Fluffy Boudoir. Last week we had scaffolding on the building and yes its still there unfortunately….I have to say the building really needs it and its about time. So for the next month (hopefully no longer) there will be works going on. Business is still open as usual and I will keep you all updated if anything changes.

Maid Sara in Maid Training

This was Sara’s second visit to The Fluffy Boudoir. The naughty girl surprised me with a bottle of Bombay gin and two bottles of Tonic Water, ( oh dear) She was good enough to buy two different tonic waters as she was worried that I would prefer the ”SLIMLINE” instead. She was wrong I prefer not to touch anything that’s filled with sweeteners…
After a small chat I sent her off to have her shower, I tell her not to get dressed but to leave her pretty black frilly underwear on. We then spent the next 2 hours talking and sipping on our refreshing G&T’s….yes we had lots to talk about , you see Sara  loves to talk and you  just can’t shut her up.
As the time was ticking away  it was time  for Sara’s make up application. Sara is a pretty girl, once her make up and hair is done. She is very tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I was glad to see that she paid attention to our last conversation regarding looking after her skin and using the right products. The first time Sara visited The Fluffy Boudoir her skin was in a mess. So I was really happy to see her glowing smooth skin. 
We headed down to the bedroom where I had already turned on the make up lights which heated the room to a very warm temperature. I made sure the window was open but today there was no breeze to keep us cool. I must remember to take out the fan from storage, if I can find it that is.
Sara looks a lot like Cher with the long nose and similar facial features, Unfortunately I cannot show you her face but you can see by the photo below just how tall she is. Today she visits the Fluffy Boudoir for  Maid Training. I showed her how I like my dishes to be washed and left her alone while I sat out in the garden soaking in the sun.

After  Sara  completely her duties  I asked her to join me out the back . She was trying to be all lady like by crossing her legs but I told her to spread them apart as I wanted to make sure that her chastity device was still firmly in place.
Sara travelled  from London wearing her black lacy underwear which was hiding her chastity device. Today she is wearing a black latex maids  uniform, black stockings and suspenders and a pair of  black high heels. It was a very hot day and the top of her lips was starting to form into little sweat bubbles.
We then proceeded to the bedroom and I ordered her to lay on the bed. Her face looked so shocked when I started to take off my skirt, My strap-on was on nice and tight ready to be used for Maid Training…..
Oh yes ….didn’t you know? One of the job requirements of being a great Maid is knowing how to use her mouth properly with out smudging her lipstick….
Be Good 

Review By Sissy Pauline

Hi, I’m Sissy Pauline

For some time I have wanted to become a sissy maid. I looked through sissy maid training on the Internet and came across ‘The Sissy Boudoir’. I contacted DOMINAV to arrange a visit which took place one day last week.

On my arrival I was met by DOMINAV who is every bit as beautiful as she looks on her website. I was a bit nervous when I arrived but after a cup of tea and a chat I no longer felt nervous. The first part of my visit involved having a makeover which DOMINAV did and after it was completed I did not recognise myself.Then on to the maid training which involved curtseying,cleaning and sorting out Dominav’s stocking drawer.I was not a great success at this but will be returning soon for more training.I can honestly say it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants to train as a sissy maid.

Fluffy Boudoir Wardrobe

The Fluffy Boudoir Wardrobe

Hello my dears I thought it was about time I did a bit of filming seeing as I’ve been laying low in that department. But never fear, I am still here and not going anywhere. So today I picked up the camcorder and did a little filming in the  Fluffy wardrobe, oh and don’t get to excited about the editing, this ain’t Hollywood you know. 🙂