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Sissy Maid Training Sydney

Ever  wanted to be trained as a Maid or Sissy Maid? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here at Fluffy Boudoir you will learn the correct protocols on serving techniques, maid duties, etiquette, presentation and deportment. This will involve a makeover, getting you dressed in a maid’s uniform and comfortable shoes to wear. You may bring your own outfits or you can choose from the Fluffy Boudoir wardrobe.


Meet & Greet, 1 hour = $300

This session is ideal for those who are a little unsure of what they want. It is also a great way for us two to get to know each other. I see a lot of clients who are very nervous or have no idea where to start. During this time I will give you a partial make-over. We will choose a maids uniform that you feel comfortable in. We may also take some photos for your private sissy album.

There is No kink/bdsm play involved in this session.

2 hours = $500

This course is ideal for those who have attended a Meet & Greet session. You have the option of a full or partial make-over. We will then go over some basic protocols, presentation and deportment.

There is No kink/bdsm play involved in this session.

3 hours = $600

In this course you have the option of learning how to do your own make-up or I can give you a full makeover transformation. We will then start on Maid training duties and see which areas you need to work on.

There is No kink/bdsm play involved in this session.

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