Maid / Sissy Maid Training

Would you like to be trained as a Maid / Sissy Maid? I will teach you the correct protocols on serving techniques, maid duties, etiquette, presentation, deportment and most importantly, the cleaning.

This will involve getting you dressed in a Maid’s uniform and comfortable shoes. You may bring your own uniform / outfit and shoes, or I will choose something from My wardrobe.

After your training we can do some “Kinky Play” in the dressing room area or in the dungeon. The prices below

Maid Training Only

  • 1.5hrs = $300
  • 2.5hrs = $600
  • 3.5hrs = $700

Kinky Play In Domestic

  • 1.5hrs = $370
  • 2.5hrs = $670
  • 3.5hrs = $770

Kinky Play in Dungeon

  • 1.5hrs = $450
  • 2.5hrs = $750
  • 3.5hrs = $850

Get in touch

If you are genuinely interested in some training then fill in the form and I will email you soon as I can.

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