Fluffy Boudoir

Crossdressing Sydney

Maid for a day

This service is only for those who have passed the Sissy / Maid Training.
You will have the opportunity to serve in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

You may bring your favourite maids uniform or you may use any items from The Fluffy Boudoir wardrobe. Before we start our day we will have a little chat before I let you get ready. When you are done I will check to see how you look before you start your duties. You will be required to perform cleaning duties to the following rooms:
• Kitchen
• Dressing room
• Lounge area
• Barber salon
• Dungeon room
Other things I may get you to do are:
• Foot massage
• Assisting Me with My client
• Making lunch
• Serving tea
• Sorting out the wardrobe
You will be given a break in between your duties where you will serve tea or refreshment of the day and if I am happy with your cleaning then I may allow you to join me.
You may also be required to help with other minor duties. Finally, before you change, your work shall be inspected thoroughly.

NB: No kink play, No Training or Constant Supervision.


  1. hour = $150
  2. hours = $300
  3. hours = $450
  4. hours = $600
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