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Back to the UK Aug 2018

G’day dear reader. Well My bags are packed and my home is all in storage except for the dungeon and Fluffy Boudoir as I still have a few bookings for Monday and Tuesday before I leave. I will be leaving Australia on Thursday 16th August and not sure if or when I’ll be returning.  If you would like to see me before I leave I have a couple of slots available for Monday 13th between 12 pm & 4.30 pm and Tuesday 14th from 4.30 pm.


So if you’ve been dying to meet me then this may be your last chance. I am also taking fetish haircut clients though I wont be able to use My brand new barber chair as it’s already packed away, I know I now what a shame.

my new barber chair KOulla

I have some dungeon furniture up for sale if you are interested or know of any one who might be then let me know ASAP. Though the standing cage and Medical cabinet has just been SOLD

I have had a few people interested but I want these items to go to a good home and not where they will get trashed.

Well that’s all for now. I will be sending out a newsletter at the end of the month which will have so much more for you to read. If you haven’t already subscribe to My newsletter then, what are you waiting for? Just scroll up the page and you’ll see the sign up form on the right hand of your screen.

Thanks for reading where ever you are and see you in Europe.

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June blog post In July 2018

G’day Sissy and cross dressing fans.
How are we all doing? Good I hope. Okay where do I start? Well I have been keeping Myself occupied, I prefer to say occupied than busy cause busy sounds like someone who doesn’t have a life…and I think I have a great life, so I have decided to try to eliminate that word… so here goes
So, I have been occupied with so many things, and I am soooooo excited. I do have a lot going on, as usual, but I will try to tell you as much as I can today.

clips4sale store

I have reopened My Clips4Sale store and it’s only been two weeks and I have already sold many clips, so I’m really happy about that. I still have loads of clips to add so make sure you stay updated.
I’ve had a few of you asking me about My membership clip site and after thinking really long and hard about it I have decided not to go ahead with it. Too many things were going wrong and It was really getting to me and stressing me out. Things happen for a reason and I think it’s best that I just follow my instincts and do what feels right to me.
So, if you are a fan and you love to watch me in action then head on over to my store at I will also be uploading all My sissy clips so bare with me while I eventually catch up on the uploading.

My latest Interview

So last month I was interviewed by Nicholas Tanek from Your Kinky friends. Did you get to watch the video? What did you think? I have to admit I was a little nervous as I really do not like interviews, especially live ones, but I made it through to the end without cringing. Have a look at last months post to view the clip or you can view it at My Youtube Channel.

YouTube Channel

If you like to watch stuff on Youtube why not subscribe to My channel. I have some really awesome and interesting stuff on there and I’m always uploading every week with fresh content, also you will help me by supporting My channel and it really motivates me knowing that you care about the stuff I do. If you have already subscribe than Thank you so much, I really appreciate it… Here  is My Youtube Channel:

SEXPO Sydney

01-harmony 15-06-2018 SEXPO (14)
Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Harmony, that’s her on the left. She is a creation from a company called REALBOTIX based in California. I got to work at her stand at SEXPO sydney.
04-harmony 15-06-2018 SEXPO (4)
I also got the chance to spend some time with the one and only Mistress Electra Amore, she and Mistress Tokyo were giving workshop talks every hour on the hour, I even got the chance to help them out at the door at The Fetish Room and had heaps of fun.
14-06-2018 with mistress electra amore

Latest update on Slut Candy

So it seems that slut Candy just can’t get enough, and I don’t blame her either. We are still working towards her progress in becoming the greatest slut in town…well in My town anyway, and she is finally starting to come out of her shell. Check out her photos from her visit in May. The red Marilyn Monroe dress she wore really suited her, but last week I decided that she should be wearing a corset as I feel she needs to work on that tummy of hers. So a corset and white mini dress it was. This was her first time wearing a corset and I could see she was having trouble moving about.  We even got to do a little bit of filming which will probably be uploaded to my Clips4sale store.

slutcandy june 2018

So the Fluffy Boudoir wardrobe is slowly building up again. I am very limited to space as I only have a tiny room but it’s better than nothing. I have been looking around to see what is out there and I am confident that something will come up.
 18-05-2018 back room

I had a client who bought me these skin coloured panythose. I think they are pretty Kool
 28-05-18 legs 1

This is Monte, He is 14 years old I think. He doesn’t belongs to me but he follows me everywhere, and I mean everywhere. He is also a real cry baby, but I do love him and give him plenty of hugs and kisses.
24-05-18 kitty cat

01-05-2018 shower time (1) gifWell it’s now time for my hot bubble bath which has a load of bath salts added to it. So it’s full of magnesium which is what I need.
I’ve also started back at Yoga and pilates classes, though I’ve not been to my boxing class for a few weeks.
Well thanks for reading and see you next month.
be good
Domina V