Fluffy Boudoir Wardrobe

I am so excited we are now allowed to see clients. I have to say that even though this whole isolation plandemic (yes I meant plandemic) period was very stressful for so many people; I know that many have not coped very well, but I am so grateful that I’ve survived financially and healthwise. To be honest this was probably one of the best things that could have happened, and I know you’re thinking, what the hell is she going on about, how could she say that…but I am a very positive person and I always see the good things in all situations and I am taking out all the negatives from this Covid situation and I am looking at all the positive things that have come out of it.

I won’t go into it in this post , but I will talk about next time okay.

Now I want to share with you My latest update. I have finally started sorting out the Fluffy wardrobe and there is a new page on the official website showing you all the lovely things that we have. There is still a lot more to add but for now go and check it out at: https://www.houseofvfetishstudio.com/fluffy-boudoir-wardrobe/

Here is a screenshot below

Fluffys April Blog post 2020

G’day dear reader, thanks for stopping by. I hope you are staying safe during this awful coronavirus lockdown. Thankfully working from home is nothing new to Me, so I guess Im lucky. There is always something to do here at Fluffy Boudoir. There is never a dull moment. I have been busy editing clips and they have been selling like hotcakes. If you are one of the lucky ones who purchased my clips then thank you so so much, I really appreciate it. Every little bit helps, especially now that we are not allowed to see clients. I really hope this nightmare that we are in ends really soon. This is going to change the world I reckon, it’s going to take awhile before we all feel safe to be close to people on the streets.

So during this time of isolation I have had time to sort out the Fluffy Boudoir. My beautiful friend Mistress Electra donated some furniture. I’m so grateful to her. She has helped me out many times, she has a heart of gold. Sadly she has moved back to Melbourne and I am really going to miss her, though it gives Me an excuse to visit melbourne now.

So before lock down I had maid Sarah come in to do a big clean out of the dungeon playroom. Have a look at the clip below.

Maid Sarah cleaning the dungeon play room

If you like what I do and you would like to support Me during this difficult period then that would be awesome. Here are a few different options where you can show your support.

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Well that’s about all for now, please stay safe.