Slave Interviews

Slave Interviews

Today I have a full on day as I will be interviewing potential slave applicants to be my personal slave / assistant.

It’s such a beautiful day outside today and I was hoping to be out in the sunshine but the shooting pain in my lower back wont allow me and doctors orders are to stay in and rest. Thankfully it’s been raining for a few days so it’s given me time to rest.

My hotel room does have a balcony and the sunshine is beaming down, so that’s a good thing.

So the walking stick is by the door and I will be only using it in case I get some idiot who

decides to be a twat. But rest assured my hotel has the best security and concierge so I’m really not worried.

I will be doing more interviews tomorrow but this time I will make an effort to go out, I just have to take it easy which is hard for me seeing as I’m always on the go and always have something to do.

I think a massage is on the cards but first an appointment to the spine clinic is a must for the new year.

Matt Bylett · Sindy Skin

Latest Update Dec 2015

Gday gday gday…..Well doesn’t time fly when you’re having so much fun…I cannot believe its been almost 4 weeks since I landed in the land of Oz. So I have had a little break and I was going to take the rest of the year off but I just couldnt help myself and I was eager to get back into the swing of things and even though I am waiting patiently for my things to arrive off the boat….which will most likely take a couple of months, I have now opened up my bookings diary and will be taking on appointments till the end of this year.
Yay!! I hear ya…I know I know…Little old me just can’t seem to sit still for very long, But, I think my body has had plenty of rest and my sun tan is coming along nicely thank you….So I am now ready for ACTION! and taking on new bookings. 

Today the weather wasn’t the greatest….Yes it was raining but it didn’t stop me from catching up with two of my special Aussie friends  Latex Designer Matt Bylett and my beautiful Mistress friend Sindy Skin .

Stay tuned for more updates, better still you can subscribe to my blog …even better.

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