Fluffy Boudoir

Crossdressing Sydney

Hello dear Followers and Admirers, This is my first Aussie blog post…Yay! I hear ya……I know I know it’s only my second night here so bare with me. Mr Jet lag will be hanging around for a while and I will also be making the most out of this awesome summer. Thank you to all the lovely people for your warm wishes….I feel so loved. I will be taking the next couple of  months off just taking it easy and chilling out.

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5 thoughts on “Latest Update from Down Under

  1. Omg MistressV you look soooo beautyfull in blonde I loooove it I wish you a good week end bizouuuu sissyclaudell


  2. Love the “new” look…


  3. Anonymous says:

    Good luck in Austrailia Domina V. Will the Fluffy Boudoir be reopening down under?

    sissy faith in US


  4. Domina V says:

    Thank you my dear..I'm glad you like it…Lets see how long it last until I get bored of it bahahhaa.


  5. Iwish you a merry chrismas Mistress V bbizouuuuuu


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