Review By Sissy Pauline

Hi, I’m Sissy Pauline

For some time I have wanted to become a sissy maid. I looked through sissy maid training on the Internet and came across ‘The Sissy Boudoir’. I contacted DOMINAV to arrange a visit which took place one day last week.

On my arrival I was met by DOMINAV who is every bit as beautiful as she looks on her website. I was a bit nervous when I arrived but after a cup of tea and a chat I no longer felt nervous. The first part of my visit involved having a makeover which DOMINAV did and after it was completed I did not recognise myself.Then on to the maid training which involved curtseying,cleaning and sorting out Dominav’s stocking drawer.I was not a great success at this but will be returning soon for more training.I can honestly say it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants to train as a sissy maid.

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Professional Aussie Dominatrix in Brighton UK. Owner and Creator of The House Of V Fetish Studio. Owner of Fluffy Boudoir's Cross Dressing salon and Vee Barberette Fetish Coiffeur. Queer Femme Kink Performer.

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